Should Death by Stoning be Introduced ?

It seems many people are eager to introduce the heinous punishment of, death by stoning. Most likely many of your friends, might have the same views too.

 Recently some person, had posted a picture, which depicted a man, dragging a girl by the hair, the caption was "0MG! This GUY must be St0ned to Death for doing this to a GIRL!"
Surprisingly this pic, was circulated quickly, and gathered a  fan following in 10's of thousands, very quickly. The people who supported this, can be easily termed as cold-blooded. Simply by seeing a picture, of which they do not have any context, no verification, whether it is a fake or not, they readily believed it. And they even supported stoning the guy to death. Wow. Many (sick) guys would have supported it, to show to their female friends, how much they care about girls. Is there any difference between taliban, and the supporters of such pic ?

In many developed countries, capital punishment is banned, however serious the crime be. But here people have pronounced a very cruel way of capital punishment, for pulling hair.

If you are really in a bad mood, and want to kick anyone's ass, I would say, people who liked this crap pic, should be on top of your list.

Why institution of marriage came into being ???

A legend goes, as to how the institution of marriage was created.

There was a sage called Uddalaka. He had a son called Swetaketu.  Swetaketu was a small boy aged about eight  or 10 years.  Uddalaka was making morning oblations to the Sun God.  His wife was supplying water  to him.  While the oblations were continuing, another Brahmin came and made a proposition to the lady  that  they  should  go  together  for sexual intercourse  and  the lady readily agreed.  The boy was taken aback and Swetaketu told his father:  "How is it that you have allowed my mother  to  go with another  man?"  The father, Uddalaka says:  "Boy, that is the rule of the land." But Swetaketu did not agree.  At a later stage, he became a great sage. He  wrote  an  Upanishad  also  and  he  propounded  the   first   theory   of Uddalaka-Swetaketu principles  where  in  adultery was prohibited. 

As can be seen from above, that an adulterous women, was what prompted creation of institute of marriage. Also it was initiated by a son, who wanted his parents to stay with him. However, when he drafted the laws, he didn't got prejudiced, and made the law gender neutral, i.e. he forbade adultery by both the husband and wife.

However, centuries later, (rather more then 2 millennium) when Hindu Marriage Law (HMA), was drafted, it didn't forbade made adultery by a wife a crime. But ironically, the law said that, if a wife commits adultery, the man with whom, she commits adultery is the guilty person. The law takes the view, that the wife is innocent, and has been deceived :) Probably the law makers were too prejudiced, with what was happening in their own lives.

HMA also favors wives, when custody of children is given, when couples seperate. Which in itself, negates the whole concept of marriage.

All this, made one very highly knowledgeable person, remark (before 1983)
"Marriage has became nothing more then institutionalized prostitution."

Shiney Ahuja and biased Indian laws

The recent case of Shiney Ahuja, has brought into spot light, how tyrannical Indian laws really are. His maid, who accused him of rape, later retracted her statement in the court.

For those, who are aware of cases of offenses against women, this was no surprise. In fact it is a standard practise in India, by unscrupulous (mostly young) women, to misuse laws, and file false caes to extort huge amount of money from the accused. Indian laws presume, before any investigation, that a complaint made by a women of harassment against a men is genuine.
Most of these laws are very strict, bail is not so easy to get. Shiney Ahuja, with all his money and fame, still had to spend 100+ days in prison. Image, what is the plight of millions languishing in Indian prisons, under such false cases. Will it be surprising, if atleast some amongst these millions decide to react for all the atrocities committed on them ? It is not surprising, then, that the Indian legal system is good at creating criminals.

Add to it, we have incompetent and corrupt judges, who add to the misery of innocent accused. With all the trial by media, and sex starved Indian society, the innocent accused is driven to despair. No wonder India, has such a high rate of suicides amongst males, in the age group of 20 to 50.

Domestic violence against men

From time immemorial men have been harassed by wives. Please see one of the most prolific depiction of same above. This is domestic violence against men, and very few people dare to voice their concern. Some idiots might laugh at this.
However the cunning wives, used to spread a slander campaign against their husbands, telling everyone, that how they were been tortured.  Open any ancient scripture, and you will definitely come across remarks made about wives. Most of these remarks, tell about the cunning nature of wives in general. All Indian scriptures are full of stories about how wives have been evil.  The best defense(which is very lame), that  feminists have is that this is male propoganda.

Studies have proven that Domestic violence is actually gender neutral, but current Indian legal system, says that only young wives, can be victims, and all males are evil.

Golden Age for adulterous wives in India

Yes, it is certainly a golden  age for adulterous wives in India. Under Indian laws a wife can be denied maintenance, if she has committed adultery. But adultery is very difficult to prove, particularly against a women in an Indian court. The judiciary views women as innocent and a victim. Video and photographic proofs in support of that depend solely on the judge's discretion. The judge can simply set the proofs aside, saying these are fabricated.

But now India's National Commission for Women(NCW) wants to remove that adultery clause. In fact, NCW wants to go much ahead, as reported in the below news article. 

"(NCW) has suggested that apart from wife and children, a man should be liable to pay maintenance to stepchildren and stepparents, if any, and grandparents under section 125 of the code of criminal procedure (CrPc). In fact, NCW wants even adulterous women to be paid maintenance." 

and more..............
"The commission also wants the definition of wife to be expanded to include women who have lived with a man in a relationship in the nature of marriage or are wives under irregular or voidable marriages.
NCW has also proposed removing the word "illegimate" from section 125 (i) (b) and replacing it with "child", besides enlarging the section's purview to include adopted children and adult children who are unemployed and daughters who are unmarried."

God save the country. So if the wife is an immoral women, still the husband, has to cater to her demands. This is like rubbing salt on injury. 

SuperFreakonomics or SuperLies ?

In the book SuperFreakonomics On page 5, the book says that "more then 100,000 young Indian women die in fires every year, many of them "bride burnings" or other instances of domestic abuse."

 It was this sort of extremely false propaganda from the so called intellegentsia, that lead to the creation of extremely tyrannical laws like IPC 498A, Domestic violence act. Also the courts always treats the wife as a victim, and the husband as the perpetrator. Even if the wife  is lying blatantly, no punishment is given to her.

 The authors didn't even cared to check the real statistics so readily available on the internet. Indian govt publishes all crime statistics at The data from ncrb, says the official dowry death figure for the year 2008 is 8093. However, there is a dirty practise in India, in which  relatives of a women, mostly file a false dowry death case, with the sole motive to extort money from her husband. Most of these cases finally result in acquittal.

 Under emotion, people loose their balance of mind. Since these laws were created under emotionally charged atmosphere, they aren't balanced, with the result being, that these laws are ill drafted, and are wide open to interpretations, and hence are widely misused by unscrupulous Indian wives to extort money from their husbands.

More such false claims about India are made in the book, which also cast a  shadow of doubt on the authenticity of other so called research.

Tortured by wife, police inspector commits suicide

If a senior police officer can be  harassed by his wife, imagine the torture, that a common Indian citizen, has to undergo.

MUMBAI: The constables of Borivali police station were shocked when they heard a bullet shot coming from the changing room early on Sunday morning. Police inspector S Patil had shot himself in the head with his service revolver and was found lying on the ground inside the room.

"He was on duty the previous night and in the morning, once his shift got over, he walked into the changing room and shot himself," said additional commissioner of police, Ramrao Pawar. In his suicide note, Patil blamed his ex-wife and her brothers for pushing him to take this step.

The Borivali police have arrested Nirmala Desai (50), Baban Desai (45) and Dutta Desai (40) in this case. Initial investigations reveal that Patil was alledegly regularly troubled by his ex-wife and her brothers for money.

Married to Patil in 1978, Nirmala left him in the 1982 since Patil was just a constable at that time and she didn't want to live with him. "They didn't get an official divorce but she gave him in writing that he could marry anybody else if he wants," added Pawar. Soon, Patil married for the second time and now has three children in this marriage. Few years ago, Patil got promoted to the post of an inspector and this is when Nirmala allegedly started harassing him.

"She and her brother would regularly blackmail Patil by threatening to malign his reputation in the society to extort money out of him. Since his children weren't aware of Patil's past, he wanted to keep it a secret and adhered to their demands," said another senior official. With the harassment lasting for almost four years, Patil had already shelled out Rs 7.5 lakh to the trio to keep their mouth shut. Still, Nirmala's brother started demanding Rs 10 lakhs more from Patil. "In his suicide note, Patil has mentioned that this was the main reason for him to take this step," added the officer.

Just four days ago, Nirmala had also sent a written notice to Patil asking for an alimony. The trio has now been arrested under sections 306 (abetment of suicide) and 384 (extortion of money) of the Indian Penal Code.

Indian Wife burn husbands genitals (in Australia)

In an extremely barbaric act an Indian wife, Rajini Narayan burnt her husband's genitals.

Rajini allegedly poured methylated spirits over her husband’s genitals before setting him on fire in December 2008. Satish then knocked over the bottle of spirits, leading to a fire that caused $1 million damage. He suffered major burns in the fire and died in hospital, themedia report said.

Last year, the court heard the claim that Rajini had confessed to the attack.

“My husband loves another woman, he hugs her. I’m a jealous wife, his penis should belong to me, I just wanted to burn his penis so it belongs to me and no one else,” she is alleged to have told neighbours.

Even though this extremely barbaric act cannot be justified at all. Many Indian women actually support her. Pity for Rajni, she committed this shameful act in Australia. Had she committed this in India, the Indian  feminists (aka feminazi's) would have ensured, that she goes scot-free.

 Have a look at the comments made by Indian women, supporting this evil women

 Many of them are justifying this act, showing how barbaric and mean, Indian wives are. Though I don't want to make a generalization, the fact remains, that it is the aussies, who have made balanced comments, and not Indians.

Indian laws are very much biased towards such unscrupulous wives. Search for 498a, Hindu Marriage Act, DV act.  A husband asking divorce is looked as if, he has committed a big crime. Indian legal system as a whole isn't at all democratic(civilized) in nature, and so is true about Indian society in general. Someone above has commented, that "divorce" is a civilized way. Try telling that to an Indian women, and see the reaction. From some of the comments in the post above, well anyone can gauge the level of civility that these Indian wives  have.

Feminists lies - inflated numbers everywhere

An example of how feminists have this nasty habit of inflating numbers of crime against women, is given in the book freakonomics.

Women’s rights advocates, for instance, have hyped the incidence
of sexual assault, claiming that one in three American women will in their lifetime be a victim of rape or attempted rape. (The actual figure is more like one in eight—but the advocates know it would take a callous person to publicly dispute their claims.)

No wonder, same is done in India too, where cheats galore. Despite official government statistics too, pointing to misuse of laws intended to protect wives, these laws are becoming more stringent and stupid. The rate of suicide of husbands in India is almost  double that of married women. (57639 Males, to 30224 Females)
 Still the feminists are crying hoarse about suicides by Indian wives. Interestingly, amongst single males and females, the rate of suicide is

Blatant misuse of DV, to implicate driver !!

 A blatant violation of basic rules, while initiating any proceedings.  Below is an example of how lazy and incompetent the lower courts in India are. The lower judiciary seldom applies it mind, while initiating proceedings. And then they claim, they have flood of cases!. 

A person working as driver while implicated by a women under Domestic violence Act. He wasn't her relative. This person, was working as a driver in that household. Shows the  extremely corrupt nature of police too. Fortunately for him, the high court ruled in his favor. Pathetic law, shameful supporters of this law.



Dated:- 31.08.2009


The Hon'ble Mr. Justice R.REGUPATHI

Crl. O.P. No. 91 of 2009 and

M.P. No. 1 of 2009

K. Viswanathan ... Petitioner


Sivamalar ... Respondent

Prayer: Petition filed under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure
for the relief as stated therein. For Petitioner : Mr.V. Gopinath,

Senior Counsel

For Respondent : Mr. P. Duraisamy


The 5th respondent in the C.M.P filed before the trial court, admittedly driver of the 1st and 2nd respondents is the petitioner herein and he seeks for a direction to call for the records and quash the proceedings in C.M.P. No. 8207 of 2008 filed under Sections 12, 17, 18 and 19 of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 before the Judicial Magistrate No. 1, Coimbatore, who took the same on file and ordered issuance of summons. The 5th respondent in the C.M.P. No. 8207 of 2008,

3. Learned Senior Counsel for the petitioner submits that admittedly, the  petitioner is neither a family member nor having any domestic relationship with the family of respondents 1 and 2 and under such circumstance, he is erroneously included as one of the respondents in the application. By referring to Para 13a of the application, wherein the applicant prays for a declaration to the effect that she is entitled to reside in the shared household and the prayer at Para 13b for a direction to respondents 1 to 5 to hand over gold jewellery and sridhana property in their custody, learned Senior counsel submits that a person can be included as a respondent in an application of this kind only in the event of the aggrieved person establishing the domestic relationship with such person sought to be taken as respondent as a family member living together in the joint family and contended that the petitioner is not a person coming under the purview of "respondent" and he is not in possession and control over the sridhana property; therefore it is a fit case to quash proceedings against him.

4. Per contra, learned counsel for the respondent submits that specific
allegations have been made in Para No. 6 of the application to the effect that the petitioner was always acting as if he was also a family member in the household and playing a dominant role by taking important decisions, but curiously respondents 1 to 4 are under the clutches of the petitioner for unknown reasons. It is also alleged that the petitioner even had the audacity to abuse the husband of the respondent herein in front of his parents.

5. Heard the submissions made on either side and perused the materials available on record.

6. The words "respondent" and "domestic relationship" have been defined in 2 (f) (q) of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. 2(f): ""Domestic relationship" means a relationship between two persons who live or have, at any point of time, lived together in a shared household, when they are related by consanguinity, marriage, or through a relationship in the nature of marriage, adoption or are family members living together as a joint family" .   2(q) ""respondent" means any adult male person who is, or has been, in a domestic relationship with the aggrieved person and against whom the aggrieved   person has sought any relief under this Act."

7. Having regard to the operation of the Act as against the person who is sought to be taken as "respondent" in the proceedings initiated thereunder, it must be pointed out that unless the aggrieved person, namely, respondent herein, substantiates that the person concerned has got domestic relationship or that he  is a family member, such person cannot be mechanically impleaded as one of the respondents in the application. If the respondent has any grievance against the petitioner, she is always at liberty to initiate proceedings against him before the appropriate forum for any offence committed by him against her, if she is so advised.

8. Considering the facts and circumstance, I do not find any justification on the part of the trial court in including the petitioner as one of the respondents in the application; therefore, the proceeding pending in CMP No. 8207 of 2008 on the file of the learned Judicial Magistrate No. I, Coimbatore is directed to be quashed in so far as the petitioner / 5th respondent is concerned.

9. Accordingly, the Criminal Original Petition is ordered and consequently,
miscellaneous petition is closed.


1. Judicial Magistrate No. I,


Marriage without sex is anathema - Supreme Court of India

"Marriage without sex is an anathema. Sex is the foundation of marriage and without a vigorous  and harmonious sexual activity it would be impossible for any marriage to continue for long. It cannot be denied that the sexual activity in marriage has an extremely favourable influence on a woman’s mind and body. The result being that if she does not get proper sexual satisfaction it will lead to  depression and frustration. It has been said that the sexual relations when happy and harmonious vivifres woman’s brain, develops her character and trebles her vitality. It must be  recognized that nothing is more fatal to marriage than disappointment in sexual intercourse."
Supreme Court of India, in Vinita Saxena Vs Pankaj Pandit.
    Date of Judgement - 21/03/2006
   Quoting from The Division Bench in the case of
    Rita Nijhawan vs. Balkrishan Nijhawan in AIR 1973 Delhi 200 at 209

And you thought, marriage is based upon trust, understanding, blah, blah, blah.

Husband burnt alive by wife and her relatives

March 1, 2010, Amhednagar, Maharashtra, In a gruesome incident, a husband, was brutally burnt to death, by his wife's relatives. Tofkhana police have registered a murder case against six people, including the wife. A badly burnt Ramesh Siddayya Mahesuni(age 45) died at around 8 AM. Initially the police arrested these people, for attempt to murder. Later police, filed a case of murder against, his wife Roopali, Pooja karanpure, Shankar karanpure, Ashok Magar, Sagar karanpure, and Sunny. There was some dispute between Ramesh and his wife Roopali. Roopali had earlier filed a complaint against her husband. Yesterday night, Ramesh visited his in laws for discussions. Pooja and Ashok threw petrol and kerosene on Ramesh, and set him on fire. Police have registered an offence of murder, and rioting. ASI Bhondawe is doing further investigation.

A harassed Indian Father

Recently there is a nice programme on Zee Marathi, called "Yaala Jivan Aise Naav". Loosely translated as "This is what is called Life". The show is hosted by Renuka Shahane. The show is very down to earth, and it aims to put forth, problems suffered by common men. The show is characterized by it simplicity, and its direct to the problem approach, avoiding all the publicity gimmicks rampant nowadays.

In the episode on 6th February, a gentleman, by the name Purushottam Mahajan, had appeared on the show.
After hearing his plight, everyone's eye's were welled with tears, including the ever cheerful Renuka Shahane, even she couldn't control her tears. Even though the court, had granted visitation rights to this father, his wife, didn't allowed him access to his only son. It is more then 10 months, that this father, hasn't even had a glimpse of his only son, whom he so dearly loves. And the Family court hasn't even done anything, even when this is a glaring contempt of court. Such was the father-son bonding, that his little son, had himself, requested the marriage counsellor in court, to increase the visitation time, with his father. Whenever this father, used to visit his son, at his school, his son would point to his friends, and tell them, see " There comes my best friend !".

When his wife was leaving his house, the police had accompanied her. At that time, his son, requested the wife, that "Mummy, maybe, we shouldn't leave Papa's house". On hearing this, the cruel wife, started thrashing that 9 year old child, with her chappals. Such was the cruelty of the event, that even Police were moved.

Bowing to his wife's wishes, the husband, left his career in films, and took a job in a bank. He helped her start a beauty parlor. He tried to inculcate good values in her. He took her to places like British Library, etc, but she was never into it. In the mean time, she developed extra marital relationships with a police officer, which later she used to harass her husband. Not content with verbally abusing her husband, she used to physically abuse him too. Add to it, always insulting him, and his parents. In short, he had a hellish life.

Amongst all this it was SIFF, which offered him hope, and gave him the determination to fight against
this injustice. SIFF'ian Ajit Sakharkar helped him.

There are lacs of Indian husbands, who have the same plight, many are even worse then this. Atleast Mr. Purushottam got to vent his plight, but what about the lacs of others, who are suffering silently, and are on the way to commit suicide ? Does our so called great nation, has anything to offer solace to them ? Surprisingly, even though they are victim of domestic violence, Indian law, cannot help them in any way, since Indian legal system is of the view, that a husband, can never be harassed !

The videos are kept on youtube, at the below link,

Cursed Indian Male

What does it means to be a male in Indian society. Add honesty, and integrity to it, and the result is a target, which is wide open for a free for all, harassment. If the male is married, and the wife is unscrupulous, the male better commit suicide, and that is what most Indian husbands are doing. We have a society, in which suicides of married husbands are double that of married women, and still he is brandished as the perpetrator. And to ensure that he is thoroughly given a hellish experience, right here on earth, the great Indian legal machinery is there to support the evil Indian wife. She has been equipped with very lethal and potent laws, 498a, DV, HMA, 406, DP, are few of them. This blog is a honest attempt to try to give my meagre contribution, to the battle against this evil.