Verma Committe Report - Emotional Atyachaar on Men

Due to the alleged Delhi Rape incident, Indian government had constituted the three-member committee headed by Justice Verma, to suggest tougher laws for crimes against women. The committed recently submitted its report.
The word "Atyaachar" in most Indian languages means Intense Torture. The basic premise of the committee itself was invalid. The report is extremely opinionated, full of lies, and contradictions. The committee selectively invited only extremely feminist organizations and government officials. So its methodology itself was fundamentally flawed. This methodology raises the question, whether, the committee had any honest intention, to look at the problem at hand in an objective manner.  

The first statement made in the report is that society tolerates rape "Rape,  sexual  assault..... are  being  tolerated  by  a  society  ostensibly  wedded  to  the  rule of law". This is sheer nonsense, and shows disconnect with reality. The report conveniently overlooks the huge percentage of false cases filed by unscrupulous women. Given that the Justice Verma being a judge, knows this fact very well. Shows how morally corrupt the former judge is. In fact, he goes overboard, and has suggested to remove the misuse clause in such law's.
The report criticizes the view that "The trend has historically been to view women as ‘recipients’  and  not  contributors  to  public  policy." If that is so. Then why can Justice Verma explain, why Indian courts always, blindly grant maintenance to wives ? And not to husbands ?
The report talks to great extent about women's rights. But puts the onus of responsibilities only on Men.

Glaring contradictions
On one hand he says, that law enforcement agencies misuse laws. While on the other hand, he suggests more harsh laws. By deliberately giving more powers to police and judiciary, he is creating more pains for men. The report wants 98 laws to be made more stringent. This includes IPC Section 498A !!!  In addition to these, we have PWDVA, HMA, SHWB, etc. So we have 100+ laws to protect women. Still craving for more.
The report starts by quoting Gandhi. Gandhi was all about non-violence and forgiveness. Particularly when the one who has got power. In Justice Verma's case, those who have power(judiciary) will further harass Men.
While the report talks about lofty ideals of equality, in practise it recommends anti-male laws.
The report says that "the  duty  of  the  State,  therefore,  is  to  provide  a  safe  environment,  at  all  times,  for  women". And Men are disposable, let them die.
The report continuously exhorts about the need to make special provisions for women while doing anything. Thus it talks of gender equality is nothing but a crude shameless sham. It ridiculously states that planning commission didn't gave thought to women "the role of  women  in  planned  economy  was  not adequately prioritized". The report has clearly gone completely astray from its goals.
The report keeps pointing to constitutions and laws of other countries (including South Africa) Doesn't the judge has his own sense ? 
        "Scholarship is less than sense;  Therefore seek intelligence:  Senseless scholars in their pride  Made a lion; then they died."   

The report states says "We  wish  to  add  that  the  supreme  law  does  not  have  any  bias  against  women". It hides the fact that the law has a positive bias for women, and a hatred for men.
The report presumes that women have been harassed for centuries. And to correct that, it wants to harass Men. Shameful tactic employed by a Judge, who is still in colonial-era mindset. In colonial-era, British stooges portrayed a very skewed picture of India's past, to please their British masters. British created judiciary to help ensure their rule in India. And they created system in such a way, that to gain admission(become a judge), one needed to be a British sycophant. And views harmful to British interests were considered as un-civilized.
One of the motives of setting up this committee was to ensure that the Delhi government was absolved of its duty. Which the committee has dutifully done, at the cost of sacrificing men.

P.S.: Recently the report has been criticized by various sections, including Karnataka state women's commission, for singing old tune. And not offering anything new.

Indian Wife CAN and DOES files rape complaint against husband

Feminists are currently lobbying hard in India to add a provision of marital rape for wives only in Indian laws. A parliamentary committee is currently reviewing the rape laws in India.

Lets look at the provisions in law, regarding rape of wife by husband,
IPC Section 375: "Exception.- Sexual intercourse by a man with his own wife, the wife not being under fifteen years of age, is not rape" (Please don't ask logical questions like, if the wife is below eighteen years, the marriage itself is illegal :-)
IPC Section 376A : Intercourse by a man with his wife during separation -- Whoever has sexual intercourse with his own wife, who is living separately from him under a decree of separation or under any custom or usage without her consent shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years and shall also be liable to fine.  (This is being corrected to -  for a term which shall not be less than two years but which may extend to seven years and shall also be liable to fine.)

Feminists(includes judges) will tell you that marital rape is not a crime in India, and hence no provision for a wife to register her complaint. To misguide the public, they point to judgements, where the court acquits husbands, saying that no such provision exists in law. The fact, that a criminal case was instituted against the husband, in itself proves that the police took cognisance of the wife's complaint, and initiated criminal proceedings against the husband. We have seen (in case of Delhi rape) how the Indian society treats an alledged rapist. So one can imagine, the torture, the accused undergoes. After years of torturous trial, the husband is finally acquitted. He is arrested for a crime, which is not even a crime per law. It would be interesting to know, that husbands, do not receive any compensation for illegal/wrongful cases against them. Imagine what will happen, in the case, where the crime is defined in Indian laws.
Reading this in conjunction with the Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act, 2005, makes it more confusing, or rather weighs in favor of wives.
3. Definition of domestic violence.- For the purposes of this Act, any act, omission or commission or conduct of the respondent shall constitute domestic violence in case it-
(a) harms or injures or endangers the health, safety, life, limb or well- being, whether mental or physical, of the aggrieved person or tends to do so and includes causing physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal and emotional abuse and economic abuse;

In many cases, the husband is a slave of the wife. He has to act as per the whims of the wife. He has to earn money, be a porter, driver, etc for the wife(i.e. do laborious jobs). If he fails to behave as per her whims, she can always file a complaint of rape against him, or his relatives. As happened in the case of Mr. Jai Prakash Lodhi . The wife filed a case of gang rape against the relatives of the husband. Since no evidence of any sort is needed for a wife, the allegations were all hollow. The husband and his relatives were acquitted after 14 years. 14 years is the term for life sentence in India. So it was as good as having served a life sentence for no crime committed. Please don't think this was an exceptional case.
If you disagree with above opinion, please use your google skills, to find more such judgements.

Felicitating a braveheart, The Why's and How's

Every day, news channels and newspapers in India are filled up stories (often concocted) of atrocities committed on women. Stories of atrocities committed by women are neglected, and if published are twisted in a perverted manner. Misandry is a huge problem in India. Gender Equality is not at all recognized. Gender Equality has taken the evil form of silent genocide of men. In such a bleak scenario, the recent news of a traffic cop showing courage, to take action against two young women was a pleasant surprise. Brought up with the false ego of women empowerment, two young women, had verbally and physically assaulted the cop. After reading the news, we (Mens Rights Association, an NGO organization in Pune) decided to dig more in the matter. Some members met the concerned cop and his seniors, to gain more information about the event. The cop (Mr. A.D.Shelar) is in police service for more then 25 years. He gave further details about how the women were pissed off, on seeing that a policemen had shown the courage to stop them for jumping the traffic signal. How could he dare to stop the empowered women of India.

Indian society looks upon Men who get beaten by women as cowards. There is a huge stigma attached to a man, who gets beaten by women. Hence men keep silent about abusive women, and silently suffer the abuses committed on them. To make things worse, instead of helping such abused men, these men are further humiliated by society. Evil women know very well how to take advantage of this. But they were wrong in the case of this brave traffic cop. He not only caught them, for breaking traffic rules. He ensured that a criminal case was filed against these young women for breaking the law. Such an act needs a lot of courage. It is said, that the biggest weakness of men is their facade of strength. Hence MRA organization decided to felicitate this brave cop. MRA took permission from the police to do this event. Once granted, finding a suitable time was a problem. Given the long and odd working hours of police. The time fixed was 8.30 am on 12th Jan 2013. Some members doubted as to why would people come so early in the morning in such cold weather, that too for felicitating a cop.  Many people don't even wake up at 8.30 am, forget about being present at 8.30 am. Members were told  to arrive before 8.15 am. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all members arrived before 8.15 am. Around 15 to 20 Mens Rights Activists had gathered. Not a single member was late. Kudos to the discipline.

Once the cop and his seniors arrived,  we started the felicitation ceremony. The cops were surprised. Normally people keep pointing out the mistakes of police, but their good work is rarely appreciated. His senior was a lady police inspector. Initially we were apprehensive as to how she would view the work of Men's Rights. When we told her about the various activities that we do for helping Men, she was very appreciative of us. She told us, that in her career she had observed that women are more abusive then men. Women have little fear of law, and break law with more impunity then men. She said, women misuse a lot of power that they legally have. She said, it was only because of her support that cops under her, take action against criminal women. Else policemen are always under the fear, that they will be wrongly accused of molestation and rape !!! Later we met the chief of the police station (Sr.P.I).  Initially he was not ready to accept the fact that women misuse law or misandry is prevalent. To prove his point, he said, look at Delhi Rape case. We answered, "when 75 policemen were killed in cold blood by Naxalites why was the nation quite? " Doesn't this speak of males being disposable ? When confronted with data, and various aspects of laws, he started to agree. After showing him more such facts(acquittal rates, crime statistics, victim men stories etc), he did accept the fact, that it is Men who are more harassed. He also acknowledged that policemen usually don't take action against criminal women, since policemen are always under the fear, that they will be wrongly accused of molestation and rape by such women !!!

8.15 am: Mens Rights Activists gathered for the felicitation ceremony

9.00 am: MRA's and police team
 P.S.: Later with some MRA friends, we visited the Indo-German Exhibition held in Pune.  Seeing MRA T-Shirts, we got lot of curious looks. One men approached us and asked, if we were working for Men's Rights. When we told yes, and gave some details. He was visibly very happy, and pumped his fist in air, and went away.
12.30 pm: MRA's at Indo German Exhibition

True Story: How a famous women victim became a criminal

Below is a depiction of a very common scene in most Indian movies. A young and beautiful women (lets say Ablaa) is marrying a man who hails from a rich background. The wedding ceremony is going on, and suddenly the grooms family demands money from the bride's father. The groom's family demand money immediately, else they threaten to walk out of the wedding ceremony. The grooms family is seen humiliating ablaa's father (lets call him Mr. Bechara).  Bechara is shown begging to groom's family, not to break the wedding. Bechara is crying, but he is taunted by the groom's family. Bechara cannot bear the greedy behaviour of the groom's family. Bechara falls on the feets of the groom's family, but to no avail. Bechara sometimes manages to give money somehow. Say by selling his house at a throwaway price, etc. Most of the times, grooms family is saying, that Bechara hasn't given all the money that he had promised to give. In movies, what they show next is that the groom's family leaves the wedding. Bechara and Ablaa are left weeping. Then some young man from the crowd comes, and says, he is ready to wed Ablaa. In some scene's Ablaa stops her father, and says, she doesn't wants to marry such a greedy groom, and gives a lecture on morality to the groom's family. The audience gives a loud applause to the courage shown by the bride - Ablaa. Films like Lajja,  have depicted such scenes.

By showing such drama in movies, the Indian masses have been brainwashed into believing that young brides are a harassed species, and such brides need to raise their voice. Around 10 years back, a news was flashed on all major news channel. It said, similar story had happened, but the courageous bride called police, and got the groom's family arrested for demanding additional dowry on the wedding day.  The bride, Nisha Sharma, instantly became a national hero. She gained the status of a youth icon. Majority of  Indians who were seething in anger over alledged rising dowry cases, were happy. Nisha was invited to Oprah Winfrey Show. Nisha was hailed as the new face of Indian woman. She was (and still is) depicted as a symbol of women's empowerment. For days, news channels kept focusing on her courageous story. People were calling all sort of names to the groom and his family (Similar to the Delhi Rape incidence).
   "In Nisha's case, events unfolded as dramatically as in any Bollywood potboiler. ...... She was to drive off in a new black Maruti Esteem that cost US$10,000, bought by her father for the use of her husband's family, the rights duly transferred in their name.  But, they wanted more. The baraat (marriage procession), with the groom's mother as master of ceremonies, asked for cash ($30,000) to be hand-delivered at the reception area itself, before her son, who followed on a traditionally bedecked horse, would condescend to alight. The father of the bride demurred, and was therefore pushed, abused and finally slapped by the groom's mother.  When Nisha, in her traditional finery and mehendi (temporary henna tattoos) heard the commotion, she reached for her cell phone and called the police. The rest is history. "

So far so good for the feminists and male-haters (misandrist).  The police arrested the groom and his family. The groom and his family were publicly humilated. Taunted of being greedy. Nisha's story made it into school textbooks. The husband (Mr. Munish Dalal) was depicted as a villian. School children were (and still being) taught how Nisha was harassed by a greedy person called Munish Dalal.

However, now comes the twist. In 2012 after almost nine years, the court pronounced its verdict on the trial. The court aquitted Munish Dalal, and his family. In fact, the court made the below observation,
"The court ruled that Nisha was close to Navneet Rai and had wished to marry him instead of Munish. Nisha’s family had also approached Navneet for the marriage but when the proposal did not work, her marriage was fixed with Munish. Nisha who was not happy with her marriage then levelled false allegations of dowry demand.

This was not a surprise to many Men's Rights Activists(MRA's) since more then 98% of dowry cases are false. And Indian laws never punish young wives, who openly make false charges against anyone in public, police station and courts. Hence the court even though it acknowledged that the charges were false didn't took any action against the Empowered Women.

Now reality bites. Nisha Sharma herself is a dowry accused. Her brother's in-laws have filed a case of dowry against Nisha and her brother, Dnyaneshwar Sharma. Manisha, wife of Nisha's brother  has allegded that she was harassed for dowry. The marriage happened three years ago, and the couple has a kid, They had been forcing Manisha, to give divorce, or bring money. Manisha has alledged that her in-laws have been beating her for not bringing Rupees twelve lacs. A case has been registered against  Dnyaneshwar Sharma, D.D. Sharma(Nisha's father), Hemlata Sharma(Nisha's mother) and Nisha Sharma. Following IPC sections have been put, 498A, 504, and 406. Nisha's brother has been arrested by Police on 8th January. Nisha Sharma is absconding. Those who know her whereabouts please inform police.

As is the usual in India, Nisha Sharma and her brother would cry foul, and claim that the case against them is false, but their own allegations were genuine. Only when it happens to them, people start shouting, that law is being misused. Else these hypocrites are the ones who keep on shouting for womens empowerment. The media is also not reporting this news.

What goes around, comes around.

Delhi Rape Protests: Fueled by Pakistan ?

The way the Delhi Rape protests are going on, it is pretty clear there are some vested interests behind all these protests. Such protests are always a result of some cartel, with some motive. Pakistan's ISI is a feared spy agency. It is ranked amongst the top spy agencies in the world. ISI has even caused damage to the United States. ISI is known for its sophisticated techniques, and has some outstanding evil people in their ranks. It is well known, how they had people from London School of Economics in their ranks. One crucial weapon in weakening a enemy is creating discontent amongst the enemy. Media is a very powerful weapon in such a psychological warfare. ISI is very good in psychological warfare, proven by the way, it has succeeded in fueling terrorism in India. Interesting to note that, for the past several months, there hasn't been any major terrorist attack in India. Seems ISI has been planning something like this. Many NGO's working for women's rights, get funding from abroad. Paid news is an open secret. And this money comes from dubious places.

The Delhi rape protests are a way to shame the Indian masses. These foreign-funded protests are carried out with the deliberate intention of inculcating a sense of guilt in Indian Men. This tactic is nothing new. The British had used the same tactic in the 18th and 19th century. The British used fraudsters like the corrupt Raja Ram Mohan Roy to further their intentions. They created canards like Sati, and all sort of false propaganda, to project Indians as uncivilized. They re-wrote false history of India. The result was the downfall of the country to the British, and which they then looted. Similar fate awaits India now, since "Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it". Men supporting the rape protests are emotional fools. They are similar to the youths who supported the British. At that time, they welcomed British. This time, seems Taliban will come to India, for protecting abla naari's, and these fools might even support them. Already United States has offered India help in tackling crime against women.

The aftermath of the alledged Delhi Rape protests are clear. Emotions are being stirred up. Everyday, media is creating new stories. People are being blinded by emotion. More draconian anti-male laws will be created. Once these laws are enacted, there will be millions of Indian men, who will be hit by false cases, and implicated. Wrongfully arrested and charged, tortured, humiliated and shunned by society and state, these men will be easy targets for recruitment by ISI. And the actions of these terrorists won't be unjust. They will have higher moral ground, then the ill-bred Delhi Rape Protestors.

Delhi Rape, and Rapes in Gujarat Riots

The TRP hungry media is trying all tricks to keep the alleged Delhi Rape case alive. Across India, many people fed by half baked and twisted media reports are blindly supporting the "cause" and baying for the blood of the alleged accused. They are saying this is an exceptional case. Ironically many staunch supporters of BJP and Modi are amongst the ones, who are crying for justice in this alledged Delhi Rape Case. Isn't that ironical ?  Search the internet for "Gujarat riots", and you will come across hundreds of stories about the Gujarat Riots.

If the BJP supporters want to protest, why don't they first check, what was reported by media during Gujarat Riots ? The BJP supporters are amongst the ones, who are eager to kill the alleged Delhi Rape accused in a barbaric way. Wonder what punishment they will reserve for Narendra Modi, who has never condemned the Rapes in Gujarat Riots.

Below is a sample rape case in riot affected Gujarat. The infamous issue of riping of foetus of a pregnant women.
"But what they did to my sister-in-law's sister Kausar Bano was horrific and heinous. She was 9 months pregnant. They cut open her belly, took out her foetus with a sword and threw it into a blazing fire. Then they burnt her as well."
Source: Saira Banu, Naroda Patia (recorded at the Shah-e-Alam Camp on March 27th, 2002).

"many who have suffered the most bestial forms of sexual violence – including rape, gang rape, mass rape, stripping, insertion of objects into their body, molestation"

While speaking on that issue in parliament, the NDA had not refuted the claim. In fact, George Fernandes(the great leader, entrusted with the task of defending Modi) went to the extent of saying,

“Gujarat is no reflection on Hindutva, it’s a riot. Women being raped isn’t something new.”

There was not even a denial about the incidence. Gang rapes happened during Gujarat riots. And unlike the alledged Delhi Rape case, the rapes happened in the open. Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee when he visited Gujarat, had stated that he was ashamed to see, what had happened. The result of rapes in Gujarat riots - the rise of religious extremism  in India. Video footage of the Gujrat riots was and still is being used to create terrorists in India. Many of the terrorists acts in India, are a direct result of Gujarat Riots.

Hence dear BJP supporters, be objective while protesting the alleged Delhi rape. If you want to protest, protest the alledged heinous and barbaric rapes done during Gujarat Riots. Don't forget that Narendra Modi was denied US visa, due to the riots.

Congress sympathizers, don't start dancing. History is not on your side either !

Disclaimer: I am not a supporter of any political party. Neither do I admire or hate them.

Two Young Women beat up police in Pune

Women rights advocate groups, always want discounts for women, under the shameless name of women empowerment. One of those discounts is leniency towards female criminals. Indian police and judiciary always take a lenient approach towards women offenders/criminals. One such example is women drivers who openly flout traffic rules, but are let away. Police mostly turn a blind eye to rash driving by female drivers. All under the name of equality for women.  Hence when a cop attempted to stop two young women who jumped signal, the young women were enraged, and beat up the cop. How dare he stop those young women ? That too in Maharashtra, a state known for equality for women. Maharashtra is one of the torch bearers for equality for women in India. After Delhi rape incident, young women have become more empowered. Young women have been told not to tolerate anything, and act. They have to take law in their own hands. Bravo. These young women, have truly heeded that advise. I won't be surprised, if someone honors these two young women for this brave act. Since events like this will send a strong message, not to mess with young women.
The Khadki police on Friday arrested two woman employees of a call centre in Yerawada for allegedly beating up an on-duty traffic police constable after he tried to stop them after they jumped the traffic signal in Shivajinagar.
Khadki police have identified the women as Pooja Amit Soniverma (24) and Bhavana Nikhil Dusange (28) both currently residing at Dhanori, but hailing from Agra. The duo were produced before the court on Friday afternoon which released them on bail.

The marathi version.

Some people might say, how is this related to equality for women. Well they haven't understood the real meaning of equality for women. Equality for women, means, women can do anything and get away with it.

Delhi Rape Aftermath: India's Shame

Was Delhi rape aftermath a national shame for India ? The answer is a resounding yes. This incidence has brought to forth, once again, how bigoted, the Indian society is. The barbaric way in which the accused were treated, shows how primitive Indian society has became. The way, the uncivilized protestors reacted, was a black day for democracy. The violent and beastly protestors were openly demanding castration, and cruel mutilation of the alledged accused. And if they had their way, the would have done it. The reaction was nothing but murder of democracy in India. And this country dreams of being a Super Power. A country where frenzied emotions kill rational thinking, is not fit for even a regional power house, let alone, lead the world. And what did this event showed to the world, how even basic human rights are openly abused ? Voices of MRA's calling for fair trial, were drowned in all this cacophony. In fact, no one dare uttered this in front of the violent protestors, lest they be beaten to death. The protestors were like anti-voltaire.

  I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.
     - Voltaire

Legislature, Executive and Judiciary are the three pillars of democracy. All these three pillars failed miserably. Legislature: Opportunist politicians like Jaya Bachan tried to imitate Barack Obama's emotion, but in a totally incorrect scenario. Delhi CM was more happy blaming the Delhi Police. When in fact, the Delhi Police, had acted very efficiently in this case. None of the politicians had the courage to denounce the shameless protests, which made a mockery of democracy. In fact, they supported the protests, for cheap gains. Executive: The executive lacks courage to take a stand, which is not in concurrence with their political bosses. And since it is headed by politicians, cannot expect much from them. Judiciary: The less said about judiciary the better. They behave as if they are not from this world. The judiciary has great powers, but won't ever take a position, which is correct but not populist. Even when lawyers openly said, they won't take the case of the accused, the judiciary, acted like deaf and dumb.
It is a shame, Spineless display by all three pillars of democracy.

Such sort of protests, weren't seen even after the deadly terrorist attack on Mumbai. The lone surviving dreaded terrorist got a fair trial. He got the best lawyers to plead for him. We didn't saw thousands of people baying for his blood outside the court. Not many are asking for Afzal Guru to be hanged. Thus most of the bigoted Indians think that alledged rapists are more dangerous then terrorists. Which means, that they have their own selfish and narrow-minded priorities before the country. In fact, these protestors are no different then Al-Qaida terrorists. Similar to the terrorists, these protestors are acting in a frenzy, resorting to unjustified violence, and justifying any inhuman act of theirs. The protestors were shamelessly downplaying the murder of the Delhi policemen. Honest tax-payers money was wasted in all this drama. The alledged victim was sent to Singapore. A country of the size of a sub continent, contender to be a superpower, begs a small country like Singapore for medical aid. How shameful can that be.

All these recent events, are similar to what happened in Nazi Germany. The way hate was incited against Jews, similarly it is being incited against males in India. The jews were robbed of their wealth. All laws related to protection of women, are money extortion tools. Hitler/Nazism considered some ethnic groups as sub-humans. Similarly the protestors were/are saying that the accused are not humans, and need not be treated like humans. Just like the jews had a number tatooed on their body, similarly it is being demanded that alleged male sexual offender be similarly distinguished. Just like Hitler and his followers, faked events to purge his opponents. Similarly such protests are staged to help facilitate creation of laws meant to rob males.

There is a slow genocide of men, happening in India. If this holocaust is not stopped soon, it will have horrible implications on mankind. When the jewish holocaust was happening, many watched silently. Hope this time, the just people won't be silent. "Never Again" says the memorial at Dachau, but seems like it is going to happen again.

Want to witness rape ?

Visit any police station, and/or Indian court, and see for yourself how men are humiliated. Treated with disdain. The torture is more intense, if the issue is gender related. If the men is a husband, or an alleged rapist, or both. In that case, the torture and humiliation is worse then hell. He is continuously humiliated, with taunts of Not being a real man, Cannot satisfy his wife, etc. His genital organs are tortured. In court, he gets date after date. And in every date, he is humiliated further. He is already treated like a criminal, without an iota of evidence against him. He is made to pay to the the complainant women, without any proof of any offense. Without any emotional and legal aid, the men is let to rot. Millions of such men are rotting in Indian jails, and more keep on visiting the police stations and courts, for the only crime of being a male. If he is not rotting in jail or police station, he is not safe at home either. Since even at home, he faces a constant barrage of overburdened stress and abuse, for the crime of being a Male.

The bigoted Indian law treats, whatever women says as gospel truth. However, if the men, fights back, and during the course of the trial, if it is turning out, that the female complainant is guilty, and has made a totally false complaint. The man is pressurized to end the trial. He is told, what are you going to gain out of this trial ? Forget everything and start a new life. And to add insult to injury, he is still told to pay to the women complainant. Imagine, what justice, he is going to get, if such sort of heavenly advice is coming from the judge. In courts, men are routinely psychologically raped. This mental torture is much more severe then physical torture.
Shunned by society, the only recourse for such men is to commit suicide. Which is evident from the thousands of males committing suicide every year in India. Every 6 minute one male commits suicide in India. The response from feminists and so called social scientists is inhuman and shameless to the core. For them male is disposable. If you try to be objective with the case of any alleged women victim, all hell will break loose. You will be termed rapist, for trying to find the truth. How dare you even question the integrity of any women.

However even after their death, the ordeal is not over for men. When these men commit suicide, they are termed by various adjectives like "not man enough", (Chhakka/Hijadaa) eunuch, wimp, gutless, etc. People with an air of self-righteousness ask, If he was innocent, then why didn't he fight. In short, he doesn't gets sympathy. A person in deep emotional distress, very much needs emotional support. And that is the one thing, which Men do not get.

The solution to this is to treat Men as humans. Treat both the gender in an equal manner. Stop all undue advantages to women, under the pervert slogan of "Women's Empowerment". Until the rape of men is not stopped, Men shouldn't care much about women. Men, don't laugh at fellow men being raped, tomorrow, it may well be YOU !